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Touch Typing: With the arrival every Spring of "California's Smarter Balanced Testing" that requires students to compose and type a timed essay online, knowing how to "touch type" (w/o looking at fingers) is an essential skill --- as it always has been. At our local community college, Keyboarding is the most popular course offered---with a very long waiting-list of students. At this point in time, JBHS does not offer Keyboarding (aka "touch typing"). But you can still learn how to touch type for Free online! Typing websites which require you to create a username and password can store your progress. Let us know which of these online typing courses worked best for you or if there's a great one not listed here! Here are several different free typing courses in no particular order:

Jesse Bethel 2006 Student Survey: Quicktime Movie -- Student Eating, Sleeping and Study Habits

Acknowledging that the above survey was taken eight years ago and some improvements (e.g. in our school lunches) may have occurred in the intervening time, this survey is probably still a fairly accurate picture of student habits; the animation may help point the way toward positive change for some.

Interested in being a foreign exchange student for a year or hosting a foreign exchange student? Study abroad is usually recommended for a sophomore or junior year of high school. Do your research for the best organization for study abroad programs. It can be a life-changing experience. Here are some links to where you might get started with that dream:

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